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The Bedtime Book Of Animals

The Bedtime Book Of Animals

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Get to know more than 50 of the world's favourite animals with this essential illustrated introduction

This is the must-have illustrated introduction to the animal kingdom. Turn each page to find out more about a wide variety of animals, from teeny-tiny insects to gigantic elephants and whales.

With beautiful illustrations, storybook text, and key terms highlighted on each page, this book is a wonderful and comprehensive introduction to animals around the world. The Bedtime Book of Animals showcases creatures from each of the core animal groups (mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and invertebrates) in six dedicated chapters. Many pages are devoted to a different creature, with others featuring a collection of animals from the same family, and some explore more than one animal type, giving bite-sized chunks of accessible information to help early learners get to know new species. There are also reference pages that dive in deeper to explore animal classification, food chains, habitats, and even endangered and extinct animals.

A friendly, factual, timeless gift book, The Bedtime Book of Animals will be treasured forever.



144 pages 

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